Saturday, January 30, 2016

Just Say No.

It was once stated somewhere in this blog that if you are voting on a candidate based solely on gender that you are doing it wrong. I doubt any of the authors around these parts will say that it has not been well passed the time for the fairer sex to occupy the Oval Office. The truth is, we should have had a Madam President more than twenty years ago. But that has yet to be, and nothing we say or do will change the fact that we have never officially had a Madam President. Sorry Ms. Roosevelt, you might have been in charge when your husband was too ill, but it was never official, and only came to light in the years well passed his death.

But there are other things that Clinton supporters are trying. Bernie can never get anything done. Well, that is partially true. They point out a marijuana decriminalization bill that has zero co-sponsors as proof. They also point out that many of his bills languish in a mostly center right congress. So, yeah, that much is true. But what they are trying to deflect from is just how disliked Clinton is. Sorry, but if you are well received by your peers, you do not have every little thing constantly brought up, investigated to the point of absurdity, and constantly have your name drug through the mud muck and mire of the Washington DC swamp lands. Of course, people say its because of Clinton's sex, I say that is possible, but then why not cannibalize their own? They generally dislike her, and if that is conducive to getting your policy moved forward, be prepared for more of the same in DC.

That brings me to another point, change happens incrementally. In other words, if change were to be sprung, too many people would be totally freaked out, and therefore would reject everything. If you are a Clinton supporter and you believe this, I believe you are a coward. Change is never easy, it is never certain, and yes, it can be very frightening. But, when change happens slowly, nothing much really changes. It is easier to resist that change while it is plodding away slowly. I have seen how slow change works, and honestly, it is never for the best. While you have your agents slowly going forward, gaining and loosing ground, you have people making every effort to undermine your advance. Take West Virginia as a prime example of slow to change mentality. For most of its history that state has been reliant on coal, yet coal is dying, and they have nothing to show for it. There is corruption at every level of government. The police are laughable, as is the rest of the justice system, change is needed. But for those who reside there, slow change is the way to go, even if it takes decades to fix the problem, because changing too quickly will shock people. It will be rejected. But let me tell you all this now, change is coming, and it is better to be a willing participant.

For example, as John just mentioned, automation is coming quickly, that is a massive change in work force participation. It is something that needs to be taken into account now, not after the change comes. We need forward thinking persons representing us. Can you say that Clinton is forward thinking for the majority of us, or a select few? Something else to consider. Clinton recently changed views on Universal Heath Care, something that most members of the Democratic Party have dreamed about for decades. Yet, suddenly, that could never work in the United States. Really? How do we know? What studies has she been looking at? Where has it even been tried in the United States? Outside of Medicare and Medicaid which have been bastardized over the last thirty years. I will patiently wait to see what can be provided.

In the meantime, we Sanders supporters get told that we are idealists, we are politically naive, that our ideas are some how incorrect. But that is not the case. Sure, some are all those things, in every crowd you have those types of people. But what you have here, in this camp are people who are tired of the “same ole same ole”, we are angry that we are being dismissed out of hand, and we want our elected government back. You can keep your candidate, you can keep what you have, because from where I sit, Clinton supporters sound like conservative libertarians. You have yours, but how long do you intend to keep it? Also, I have a new found respect for Third Way Democrats, I am becoming one myself. But you will not like it. My third way is as follows. I will not vote for a candidate who does not feel or think they way I do, who has my best interests at heart. I can live with the consequences of my choice to not toe the line. My third way, dictates that if I am to vote for the lessor of two evils, I might as well vote for the who shebang. I will, if give a choice between Clinton and whoever else is running, find the worst possible candidate to vote for.

Why you ask? Why would I damn the whole of this nation, the world because I dislike a candidate that much? Because I can. Because until we the people open our eyes, see what has become of this country, this world, we will never change in any meaningful ways. You say the majority rules, but you have forgotten your history. When the United States broke away from the British Empire, those who sought our independence were the minority for the longest time. I seek my independence, and if that means I have to get down and deal with the devil himself, I will. Because short term suffering is conducive to my ultimate goals. It now becomes a matter of strength to see it through to the bitter end. I have that strength, people like John, Witchy, and Larry have it, most of the people I know who support Sanders have that resolve to see it through. We are not playing Russian Roulette with the White House, we are making our stand, here and now, we know the outcomes of this. You know the outcomes, and for some reason, Clinton supporters are unwilling to listen. But as John would say, I can live with it, if you can.